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Are Fear and Shame the new key drivers in Gamification? At MotiveEight, we put it to the test…

Rewards, status, incentives…the words which are as synonymous with Gamification as peanuts and popcorn are with baseball. These are the things that drive us, that get us to do what we wouldn’t normally do, while having fun in the process. But what about the other end of the spectrum? Could the fear of shame and humiliation actually serve as key drivers to engagement? Well, without even knowing it, our CTO Allen Cryer put it to the test.

It all began over lunch at one of our favorite Mexican food restaurants. It started out pretty routine: a few baskets of chips, followed by a huge plate of enchiladas and tamales, and then everyone sitting around talking about how we need to lose weight. It was then that Allen laid out his proposition. He proposed a 60 day weight loss contest. When we asked what we would win, he informed us that there would be no winner…only a loser. This would be a good time to explain that our office building is connected to a high rise condominium building in downtown Dallas, wherein our office building, and the high rise overlook a beautiful 7th floor deck with an IMG_2914infinity pool.

Allen went on to explain that the loser of the contest would have to lay out at the pool for an hour, in a speedo style bathing suit chosen by the winning group (remember the movie Borat?). The initial reactions to Allen’s proposition was everything from excitement, to hesitation, to H#ll no! In the end, 6 of us opted in, and the First Annual MotiveEight Banana Hammock Weight Loss Contest was on!

Over the next 8 weeks, we would have official weekly weigh-ins followed by a week’s worth of bragging, ridicule and speedo jokes. The thought of someone else losing was way more exciting and fun than the thought of winning a prize, or even the status of winning (not to mention, the fear of losing kept me away from the late night brownies and ice cream, when before my willpower had been lacking to say the least). We talked about the contest all the time (maybe too much) but had a blast.

And isn’t that the point of Gamification? Make something fun, create an incentive (even if that incentive is the fear of losing, and what comes with it) to achieve a desired result? In the end, I can tell you that I’ve been in contests before, but can never remember one that created such engagement.

MankiniAnd why did it work? Because everyone that participated opted in. Being open to receive the punishment of losing was a choice. We chose the fear of wearing the speedo in front of the entire office building as the ‘driver’ to push ourselves harder towards our goal of loosing weight. It’s what took the punishment from being cruel, to fun and exciting. In the end, I lost 14 pounds, had lots of fun, and DID NOT have to put on the mankini. I was going to post a picture of the poor soul who lost, but have decided to save him the humiliation.

But how far does this theory of negativity go in the world of Gamification? As I was writing this, I was reminded of my daughter’s volleyball team that I coach. When we scrimmage in practice, their favorite thing to do is play for ‘consequences’. This is where the winning team makes the losing team do something silly, or maybe not that fun, like doing 20 pushups, or hopping around the gym on one foot singing “I’m a little tea-pot”. Again, we only do this if everyone wants to, but having this consequence attached to losing actually drives them to play harder. So, the implications may be more far reaching than you think.

So the next time you’re looking for a way to motivate your team, look away from the tchotchke prizes, and ask yourself “Now, how can I humiliate these people?”

Enough talk, time for lunch. Enchiladas anyone?

MotiveEight is helping Direct Sales Organizations build community, gain momentum and get…MotiveEighted!

It happens everyday, actually thousands of times everyday.  Someone makes the decision to enter the world of Direct Sales.  They find a company and product that they’re excited to go out and sell to their friends, family and the world!  They get their new distributor kit in the mail, attend a few training events, and are then left to their own devices to either thrive, or do what most new distributors do, fizzle out.

Getting a new Distributor plugged into the company’s culture is one key driver to success.  This is why Direct Sales companies host annual sales conferences.  It brings Distributors together to share ideas, product knowledge and most importantly, share their excitement, enthusiasm and energy.  As you’d expect, Distributors and their respective companies see major spikes in sales after these events.

So our question at MotiveEight was, could we create community around a company’s Sales Force, keeping them plugged in all year long?  An experience where they could connect with company leaders across teams and geographies, access the best content and training on the fly, share content, coordinate events and access a library of the best motivational content to help them sustain the self-motivation needed to thrive in Direct Sales.  The answer was yes, and that’s exactly what we did.  Well, it wasn’t quite so cut and dry, but you get the idea.

And the party didn’t stop there.  We set out to solve one of the biggest roadblocks that Distributors face: what do they do when they run out of people to talk to about their product or opportunity?  Direct sellers talk to their family, friends, co-workers, but then what?  To help solve this problem, we added in powerful social marketing tools to help generate new leads and interest in their business.  Distributors can share content via email, blogs, facebook, twitter, and just about every social network you’ve ever heard of, generating new leads to grow their business.  From their dashboard they can track the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and manage their new leads.  Ba-boom!

Add to all of this, the M8 platform can be integrated with just about any existing DirectSales software with minimal integration and has a price point that’s next to cheap, and we’ve got something that can help any Direct Sales Force become more successful!

To find out more about how your company can get MotiveEighted, drop us a line at

If you’re not using video to market your product, you’re losing…

85% of people are more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video

It’s a new age.  People would rather watch than read.  I know this might be hard to accept by the purists and librarians out there, but the numbers don’t lie.  In a recent blog, 38 reasons Video content is king, Rob Petersen presents his research, and it’s eye opening.  Try these on for starters:

  • 85% of people are more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video.
  • 200% – 300% increase in click through rates when marketers include video in an email.
  • The second largest search engine after Google is not Yahoo…not bing…but YouTube.

So why is video king?  Have people just become lazy?  Maybe not.  There is science behind why video is actually a better way to communicate your message.  According to 3M, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.  According to Dr. McQuivery of Forrester Research, 1.8 million words is the value of one minute of video.

OK – you’re sold.  It looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and you can hear the quacks from here to China.  So now what?

First make a video (we’re going slow here).  But then what?  How do you use your video  to reach beyond the visitors of your website and engage your potential prospects wherever they might be, lead them towards a buying decision, and even share your product with others?   These were all top of mind when we created MotiveEight.

In addition to giving our MotiveEighters a better way to work and communicate, we also give them a better way to market, follow up and close…especially with video.

Users can share videos in their emails, on their blogs, or on just about any social network you’ve ever heard of.  When the video is clicked on, it routes the prospect back to the user’s marketing page that they customize with their own theme, content, and yes, VIDEO.  The prospect can communicate with the sender, request additional information, lease, buy, or join on the spot.  Oh, it’s nice!

For our clients that already have video content, it’s turn the key and go. But we’ve found that many of our clients do not yet have good video content…so we’ve started making it for them!  We’ve created a way to make great video content for a lot less than the other guys are charging.  We can even roll the price of production into the cost of the software (which is already too inexpensive…so my Mom says).

So, if you’re not using video to market your properties, products or cause, don’t feel dumb (we won’t tell anyone).  Just keep it on the down low and call us stat.  We’ll help you get your Spielberg on in no time!

MotiveEight…changing the way Property Management uses Social Media


“Hey Property Management Companies – get MotiveEighted!”

So at this point, there’s no one that needs to be convinced that their company should be  using social media.  The question is, how?  How do you actually get results that are worth the effort?  Any company can throw up a facebook page, but what does that do for the average company?  Especially a property management company?  It’s merely using influence your brand already posses to reach an audience in a different place.  Worthwhile? Yes.  Where the real power is? No.

The power in social media has always been with the people.  It’s the transfer of personal influence from one person to the next…or to the hundreds…or thousands.  It’s why 90% of users trust user related content compared to the 14% who trust advertisements.  And that’s where M8 comes in…

The MotiveEight platform first delivers a private social network, where your team can follow company leaders, share documents, schedule events, review company training and lots of other cool stuff.  But what it also does, is puts a powerful social marketing tool in the hands of your Leasing Agents and other brand ambassadors, to take your companies finite product into the online social sphere, leveraging their own personal social influence to expand your brand, follow up and market to prospects, and close more deals.  Ba-Baam!

With M8, Leasing Agents are given an online marketing page that can be customized with property specific themes and content.  They can pin and share property videos, floor plans and community information through email, blogs and over 300 social networks, routing prospects back to their marketing page where they can capture the lead and close the deal. You can check out Jenna’s marketing page here: Click the link

So Property Management Companies – Lets Get MotiveEighted! And harness the real influence of social media.