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MotiveEight is helping Direct Sales Organizations build community, gain momentum and get…MotiveEighted!

It happens everyday, actually thousands of times everyday.  Someone makes the decision to enter the world of Direct Sales.  They find a company and product that they’re excited to go out and sell to their friends, family and the world!  They get their new distributor kit in the mail, attend a few training events, and are then left to their own devices to either thrive, or do what most new distributors do, fizzle out.

Getting a new Distributor plugged into the company’s culture is one key driver to success.  This is why Direct Sales companies host annual sales conferences.  It brings Distributors together to share ideas, product knowledge and most importantly, share their excitement, enthusiasm and energy.  As you’d expect, Distributors and their respective companies see major spikes in sales after these events.

So our question at MotiveEight was, could we create community around a company’s Sales Force, keeping them plugged in all year long?  An experience where they could connect with company leaders across teams and geographies, access the best content and training on the fly, share content, coordinate events and access a library of the best motivational content to help them sustain the self-motivation needed to thrive in Direct Sales.  The answer was yes, and that’s exactly what we did.  Well, it wasn’t quite so cut and dry, but you get the idea.

And the party didn’t stop there.  We set out to solve one of the biggest roadblocks that Distributors face: what do they do when they run out of people to talk to about their product or opportunity?  Direct sellers talk to their family, friends, co-workers, but then what?  To help solve this problem, we added in powerful social marketing tools to help generate new leads and interest in their business.  Distributors can share content via email, blogs, facebook, twitter, and just about every social network you’ve ever heard of, generating new leads to grow their business.  From their dashboard they can track the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and manage their new leads.  Ba-boom!

Add to all of this, the M8 platform can be integrated with just about any existing DirectSales software with minimal integration and has a price point that’s next to cheap, and we’ve got something that can help any Direct Sales Force become more successful!

To find out more about how your company can get MotiveEighted, drop us a line at sales@motiveeight.com