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Property Management Gets MotiveEighted

See how property management companies are using the MotiveEight platform to on-board new team members, communicate more effectively, and socially market their properties like never before.

MotiveEight…changing the way Property Management uses Social Media


“Hey Property Management Companies – get MotiveEighted!”

So at this point, there’s no one that needs to be convinced that their company should be  using social media.  The question is, how?  How do you actually get results that are worth the effort?  Any company can throw up a facebook page, but what does that do for the average company?  Especially a property management company?  It’s merely using influence your brand already posses to reach an audience in a different place.  Worthwhile? Yes.  Where the real power is? No.

The power in social media has always been with the people.  It’s the transfer of personal influence from one person to the next…or to the hundreds…or thousands.  It’s why 90% of users trust user related content compared to the 14% who trust advertisements.  And that’s where M8 comes in…

The MotiveEight platform first delivers a private social network, where your team can follow company leaders, share documents, schedule events, review company training and lots of other cool stuff.  But what it also does, is puts a powerful social marketing tool in the hands of your Leasing Agents and other brand ambassadors, to take your companies finite product into the online social sphere, leveraging their own personal social influence to expand your brand, follow up and market to prospects, and close more deals.  Ba-Baam!

With M8, Leasing Agents are given an online marketing page that can be customized with property specific themes and content.  They can pin and share property videos, floor plans and community information through email, blogs and over 300 social networks, routing prospects back to their marketing page where they can capture the lead and close the deal. You can check out Jenna’s marketing page here: Click the link

So Property Management Companies – Lets Get MotiveEighted! And harness the real influence of social media.