Social media in the work place: How companies benefit?

To a company or organization – water cooler conversations and coffee runs are often the most anticipated breaks in the day. To the employees taking them, it’s simply a way to wind-down or catch-up, at some point of time, in an increasingly stressful day. But imagine if there was an ‘official’ place to meet with the rest of your team, somewhere where you’d be encouraged to spend time talking to other employees – seeking advice, offering helpful tips, passing on information or even planning out an office activity with everyone’s support.

Team Techies from PR list some advantages of having an internal social-media network within one’s company, and then they point out a few things to keep in mind, whilst setting up one.

The advantages of a corporate intranet:

• Staying on track – ensure employees, teams and projects are aligned with the corporate vision and are in sync with the official goals.

• Why waste time with a hierarchy? – provides a direct path from the CEO to the lowest employee and vice versa.  This leads to improved communications, transparency, trust and empowerment of employees.

• Encourage employee networking – provide employees with a means to find other employees with common interests both within and even outside of the company – for example colleagues with an interest in music can get together and form a company band. Having a strongly connected workforce leads to increased employee satisfaction and retention.

• A think-tank – by proving the tools to generate ideas on a company’s intranet, and rewards like real money prizes, gifts or even recognition; employees are often more willing to contribute – and its some of these contributions that can really make a difference.

• News and Information – easily share company and employee news and press releases.

• Resources – quick and efficient access to libraries, tutorials, marketing material, product documentation, help, strategies, goals, budget, etc.

• Project-based Workforce – it’ll provide a means for employees to organize outside of their physical location, skill level, department, etc. To search for and find key employees, removing the chain of command from the process, allowing virtual teams to organize and execute tasks quickly.

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